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Motor Fleet Insurance & Why Your Business Needs It

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18 May 2022

Motor Fleet Insurance & Why Your Business Needs It

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At Stuart Insurances, we offer a range of business insurance services that cover you for every eventuality. Today we look at one particular type - motor fleet insurance - and how it protects you and your commercial vehicles in a simpler, less stressful way. 

Essentially, when a company purchases a fleet of work vehicles, it represents a significant investment both in time and money. What it also represents is an increased risk, as driving is one of the most dangerous activities you can be involved with. 

Complete, Tailored Cover 

While being off the road is an inconvenience for regular motorists, the effects are much more pervasive when talking about business vehicles. You’re talking about lost time and missed deliveries, not to mention staff injury when a road traffic accident (RTA) is involved.

The good news is that the Stuart Insurances team is here to help you get the ideal cover that meets your needs. We’ll ensure you’re protected against theft, accident repair and any compensation claims made by third parties.

The Benefits of Fleet Insurance

While it’s possible to insure multiple vehicles separately, it can be unnecessarily convoluted and complicated, which is where the benefits of fleet insurance come to bear. Fleet insurance makes things much easier by having one policy that covers them all.

This represents a much simpler way to operate, particularly when it comes to managing the policies, renewing and making claims. It means if the worst were to happen, claims can be processed that much more quickly, ensuring the minimum amount of downtime.

Call the Stuart Insurances Experts Today

So, if you’d like to make the task of managing your business fleet’s insurance needs that much easier with a fleet insurance policy, we recommend having a chat with a member of our team. You can get through them by calling 01 288 1779 today.
Alternatively, to find out more about us and the full range of business insurance services we offer, simply visit us at where you’ll everything you need to know.