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Keyperson  Insurance Cover (also known as Keyman and Key Employee cover)  - designed just for you

Keyperson cover is a life assurance contract incepted by an employer on the life of a key employee. The individual may also be a stakeholder and the policy is specifically designed to protect the company against the financial consequences of the individual’s death or serious illness.

At Stuart Insurances we use our expertise and knowledge to advise you on the most suitable covers and then we research the market, to secure, for you, the most relevant Keyperson insurance cover based on the individual requirements of your business.

Tailored Advice – Keyperson  Insurance Cover Insurance with Stuarts

When you get in touch with us one of our experts will have a chat with you to assess your requirements for keyperson insurance and guide you through the options and work with you to establish your needs, together we can establish what you need covered, for example: 

1. Repayment of bank loans. (secured by the employee/stakeholder)

2. Repayment of any loans the key individual may have made to the company.

3. Appointment of a successor.

 Who Constitutes a KEYPERSON?  

A keyperson is any ‘key’ employee or stakeholder on whom the business depends on, for its continuing profitable trading.  


In calculating the correct amount of cover an insurable value must be put on the potential loss the company could suffer on the death or serious illness of a key individual.

In assessing the amount of cover, the following factors should be considered.

• Any loans guaranteed by a “keyperson”.

• Loss of profits due to illness or death.

The death or serious illness of a key individual could place a threat on the future profitability of the company. The cover required is the estimated financial loss that the business would suffer plus the costs of replacing the key individual. Other than in the case of loan cover, estimating the financial loss can be quite difficult. The level of cover is normally related to either the person’s salary or to the percentage of the company’s profitability directly attributable to that particular individual.

At Stuart Insurances, we can provide personalised guidance around the calculation of the financial loss and consequently the sum assured.

Is there anything else we can help you with?

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Making a claim

Together we work with you and the insurance company to make sure that your claim is handled efficiently and settled quickly so remember before you make a claim, call us.

Why use Stuart Insurances for your Key Person insurance cover?

We have been in business providing business Insurance cover since 1978 and we know what is needed in each unique situation to ensure you are covered for all eventualities.

We are here to help you over the long term – to ensure your insurance remains relevant as your business grows or changes’ we will adapt it for you as required.

We are respected for our professionalism, know-how and service to our customers.

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How to find us?

We are located in the heart of Blackrock village, just a stone’s throw from the Blackrock Dart station.

While we are just a phone call away we love to meet and talk with our customers, our office is open to all our customer to come in and chat so we can get time with you better to understand your requirements.

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